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Fantastic Defenders (Hardcover)

Fantastic Defenders Cover Image
By David Keener (Editor), Donna Royston (Editor), Martin Wilsey
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You Can't Keep a Good Hero Down

Across astounding and magical worlds, five heroes step forward to defend against magical threats:

1. A sorceress in a besieged city faces a force even more dangerous than the city's would-be conquerors.

2. An unassuming bureaucrat stumbles upon a threat to a vast empire and deals with it in his own inimitable fashion.

3. A resourceful bodyguard for an infant princess, trapped and surrounded by merciless assassins, finds a unique way to hold them at bay.

4. A mage press-ganged into the Royal Navy finds himself volunteered for a dangerous secret mission on foreign soil.

A disgraced royal guardian who failed in protecting his king hunts down those to cost him his honor.


Product Details
ISBN: 9781945994401
ISBN-10: 1945994401
Publisher: Worlds Enough LLC
Publication Date: March 22nd, 2021
Pages: 354
Language: English